Chilly Powder


Jowar is one of the important cereal crops grown in India. The grain is similar to that of corn but it has more fat and proteins. This proves out to be more beneficial for the livestock and hence is popular. It is grown in arid and semi-arid regions of India in abundance and has made possible for exporting to other countries too. India is the third largest producer of Jowar after US and Nigeria. Jowar can be produced in kharif as well as rabi season.With Shivam export service, One can completely be ensured for super quality of Jowar for the source and supply. Do invite us to drop the lowest quotation price for you and serve you through exporting Jowar crop according to your demand.

Chilli powder is made from high quality of organic red chilli directly from the grower. This is an integral part of Indian cuisine foods. Chilli powder adds texture, colour, spice and taste to the Indian food. This is prepared after drying red chillies in hot sun and mixing it with rock and sea salt, pepper powder, curry leaves etc.

It contains Vitamin-A which is good for eye-sight.
It contains iron and copper- a good nutrients for blood formation, fights anaemia and improve cognitive performance.

It also fight with fats and support digestive system.
Unlike other bad quality of chilli powder from ordinary brand which spoils the taste of food- Shivam export supplies high quality of organic chilli powder in bulk quantity.