Fruits & Vegetables

Potato is a well known common vegetable which can be seen in almost every veg dishes. It is produced in every parts of India. Maruti agri exim exports fresh quality of potato in different sizes to retail traders globally. Maruti agri exim identifies the economical purchase source of potato preferably from farmers directly. The good quality of potatoes are well filtered from the bulk raw quantity and then supplied.

Coming to the health benefits of potatoes some are listed below:-

1. Potato contains good amount of fiber which helps in lowering the cholestrol in the blood.
2. Helps in decreasing the risk of heart disease.
3. Helps in improving blood sugar control.
4. Helps in easy digestion due to presence of fiber.
5. Skin of potato carry good vitamin and mineral sources.
Maruti agri exim being a trusted exporter thrives to meet the global demand. Bulk quantity order of potato is taken and is supplied with ease to reach customer’s destination. The exporting of potato by Maruti agri exim is of super quality and arranges well managed shipping from the docks.