Fruits & Vegetables

Cabbage is the most demanded green leafy vegetable. It can be crunchy, silky, pungent or sweet depending on the way you cook it. Cabbage is available whole year but it has high availability at the time of winter. Cabbage is full of nutrients and to avail the maximum benefits of nutritional bang it should be used as soon as possible after peeling. Cabbage can be stored for a week or longer time in the fridge.
Being a green vegetable it has various health benefits, some of them are given below:-

1.Cabbage is packed with tasty leafs and nutrients which has postitive health benefits overall in the body.
2. Eating raw cabbages can actually help in improving digestion and stimulates immune system.
3. The anti-bacterial and antiviral properites of cabbage helps in clearing up ulcers and complexities problems.
4. Cabbage is a good source of vitamin-C and calcium.
5. The red variety of cabbages are rich in anti-oxidants and prevents cancer.
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