Red Chili

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India is the world largest producer, consumer and exporter of red chilli. Red chilly is produced in several states of India in which Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer followed by Maharastra, Karnatka, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh etc. Indian red chilli have many uses including:- food, confectionery, cosmetics, paint manufacturing, liquor making and for self defense weapons.

Maruti agri exim supplies Indian chillies which has different levels of spiciness ranging from high to sweet at reasonable wholesale prices to their clients. The colour of red chilly varies from deep red to light red. The red chillies supplied by Maruti agri exim are popular in Europe and Japan for its premium quality and pricing.

The certain health benefits of including red chilly in your dishes are:-

1. Red chilli contains a compound called capsaicin that increases the body’s metabolism rate and burns fat.
2. It is good for producing happy hormones which in turn is good for sexual life.
Vitamin C present in red chilli essentially supports the immune system and helps the body combat diseases.
3. Maruti agri exim exports major varieties of chilli which are sannam, teja, byadagi, mundu, Kashmiri chilli . The superior quality of red chilly is extracted from the classification of products and exported to meet the best. As red chilli is grown across India of which 70% are consumed domestically while 30% are only exported. Maruti agri exim is one of the contributing partner in exporting red chilly outside India.